Approach Self-Help With Caution!

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In 2015,

A quarter of the student population admitted to taking modafinil, a “smart drug” that researchers found does improve thinking skills.

In 2018,

The self-help industry was worth about $10 dollars per year in the United States alone.Experts predict an average of 5.6% yraly gains untill 2022, at which the market should be woth $13.2.

In a world where we’re all seeking new ways to enhance ourselves, the self-help book raises an important question about the self-improvement industry.

George Carlin says

Mr. Carlin has a point. It’s counterintuitive to seek other’s advice to help ourselves. The trouble with self-help books is that sometimes it leads us down the path of us not helping ourselves at all. Sometimes we get so caught up in someone else’s vision that we lose sight of our own In fact, John Vespasian, the author of On Becoming Unbreakable: How Normal People Become Extraordinary Self-Confident, stresses that there’s no one road to success. What works for a self-help guru might not work for you. He explains:

A self-improvement guide tends to offer a wrapped view of reality. It compares performance across people and ignores our personal range, which is impacted by a bunch of factors, including but not limited to our experiences and present circumstances. It focuses on peak performance and pays no heed to individual variances.

Sometimes, the self-improvement industry feels like one big Catch-22. Its writers, coaches, and trainers want to help you reach a goal, but they also depend on you to fail. That’s why it’s important to approach self-help with caution and lower down your expectations when you read self-help books as they are just books nothing more than that. It’s ok to follow other people’s advice but be realistic about your expectations, and focus on your own goal and progress.

Don’t fall victim to comparison while reading these books as there will always be someone who reads faster, exercises harder eat healthier, or works more efficiently. Stay focused on your goal and be realistic about them. You’ll be less miserable that way.



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