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Could you and should you invest in Bitcoin? You can, and if done right, you can reap benefits from your cryptocurrency investment. Bitcoin was designed with the intent of becoming an international currency to replace fiat (government-issued) currencies. Since Bitcoin's inception in 2009, it has turned into a highly volatile investing asset that can be used for transactions where merchants accept it. About a couple of years ago, buying/selling Bitcoin may have sounded like a tedious job, fit only for techies Today the scenario has completely changed.

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Many emerging startups such as in switch Kuber in the crypto space and…

Discover the 5 most popular fundraising options, including exactly when and how to use each type, so that your next fundraiser is set up for success.

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Many entrepreneurs don't know where to go, are overwhelmed with the choices, or are unaware of some of the options for financing their startup. Finding startup funding may feel like an aimless, hopeless task. But with the right knowledge, you can look in the right places for the right kind of funding — and get your startup exactly where it needs to be. Here I’ll list and expand on the funding options for your startup.

1. Crowdfunding

The complete guide to starting your “Clothing Business”

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While launching your own clothing brand is challenging in this fast-paced world of the fashion industry but thanks to eCommerce and online marketing Starting an online business is now more accessible than ever before and it just might be possible to turn a brand that began in a small inline store into a clothing brand that's beloved nationwide.

Now that you have taken the leap, figuring out what to do next can be the trickiest part. You can picture success in your mind, but the space between that and your current situation looks a little blank at the moment. So…

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Every nine out of 10 startups fail in the first year. This is a hard and bleak truth, especially when you dream to start your own business. But with guidance and inspiration, we can make our way to success and the easiest and fastest way to learn from others and get inspired is by reading books.

To make things easy for you, let me tell you about 5 books that you, as an entrepreneur, can seek guidance from.

1. The Lean startup

“The only way to win is to learn after than anyone else”

Most startups ail but many of those failures are preventable…

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In 2015,

A quarter of the student population admitted to taking modafinil, a “smart drug” that researchers found does improve thinking skills.

In 2018,

The self-help industry was worth about $10 dollars per year in the United States alone.Experts predict an average of 5.6% yraly gains untill 2022, at which the market should be woth $13.2.

In a world where we’re all seeking new ways to enhance ourselves, the self-help book raises an important question about the self-improvement industry.

George Carlin says

“If you’re looking for ‘self-help’, why would you read a book by someone else?”

Mr. Carlin has a…

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Tech giants like apple rarely stray from the forefront of innovation, and with evidence mounting that a car may soon be in development. Details are pretty scarce right now, but the prospect of getting a car within few years has plenty of people excited. If you’re one of them and want to learn more, you're in the right place. Here’s everything we know about apple car, including leaks, rumors, and that all-important release date.

Rumors have long suggested that Apple is working on creating its first car in 2014 with the beginning of ‘Project Titan’ — a 1,000 employee strong…


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